The local Entrepreneurs, Craft Beer, Food & Live Music coming to SD20twenty on OCT 21


inspiration BY:


marnie nair - City Heights Prep

Founder & Principal of our benefiting organization City Heights Prep, Dr. Nair has been serving students and their families for over 20 years in Oakland, NYC, Washington DC, the 9th Ward of New Orleans, and now San Diego. A resident of East City Heights, she loves her community and is deeply committed to caring for its most vulnerable members.


Bil Zelman - Bil Zelman Photography

A fine art, commercial and celebrity photographer/director who’s directed dozens of international ad campaigns for companies such as CocaCola and Apple, while also shooting for charities at least 20 days per year. He has been on assignment in over 50 countries, been named Top 200 Photographers Worldwide, and has work that has appeared in magazines and museums around the world including San Diego’s own Museum of Photographic Arts.

Laura rice - Salon Bordeaux & the we society

Salon owner, business mentor and lover of all things woman power. She thrives on the feeling of making women feel beautiful, artists feeling supported, and seeing people accomplish what they once thought was impossible.


Mariah hoffman - MicroModula

Designer, builder, and entrepreneur currently building a tiny house on wheels in San Diego. Her lifestyle brand traces her building journey as it reflects minimalism, creativity, and the idea of "home".


Ron Troyano - Alchemy San diego

For the past decade, Ron has helped shape the best parts of our city—as the founder of Alchemy San Diego, with a focus on real estate activation, food systems and economic development—and as a board adviser, member or officer to several SD non-profits, including the Front Burner Fund, Kitchens for Good, the San Diego Food System Alliance, the Farm to School Task Force, the San Diego Urban Rural Roundtable, San Diego City College, and the South Park Business Group. He has received numerous community accolades, and used to have a sweet 'stache.


Jessica Tompane - J Hill Interiors

Principal Designer and Owner of J Hill Interiors, Inc. a Coronado-based interior design firm that offers timeless designs in every style. We pride ourselves in producing quality, individualized and creative designs, while having an approachable staff with relationship-based customer service.

Craft beer BY:


Thorn Street Brewery

Committed to bringing back the neighborhood brewery and making amazing beer with only the freshest, purest ingredients, this crew earnestly brews each batch as if it was only for themselves—but amazingly, they share it with US!

On Tap for SD20TWENTY:

RELAY IPA - West Coast IPA | 7.2% ABV | 72 IBU
With a focus on flavor & aroma instead of just intense bitterness, Relay IPA will produce flavors of pine, passion fruit, tangerine, mango & pineapple. Using Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Centennial & Amarillo hops.

BARRIO LAGER - Mexican Style Lager | 4.5% ABV | 12 IBU
Crispy, light, refreshing. Mexican style lagers are quaffable beverages. You can have a few at lunch or on the beach and still paddle out for an afternoon surf, you can drink a six pack on the golf course and not fall over the last hole. Our take on this classic is made from both Domestic 2 row barley and flaked Maize. It's not at all hoppy or bitter, just smooth and drinkable.

fine victuals BY:


Wow wow waffles

Rich, dense, sweet, chewy. Invented by the personal chef of a Belgian prince at the dawn of the Enlightenment. Made with love, paired with knock-out lemonade. Legendary waffles guaranteed to Wow.



Hanis and Sara have earned rightful glory amongst SD eaters through their hard work, creativity, and dedication to their community—oh, and by serving up some of the best durn pork-centric cuisine in town. You dream of these tacos.



Park Boulevard Catering, 734 Park BLVD 92101

From their funky East Village venue and kitchen, this locally-owned, full-service and award-winning shop provides delicious food & warm hospitality for events across town and across Southern California.

ear candy by:


the Zzymzzy quartet

Rhymes with "whimsy"—this SD gem of a band is recapturing the glory days of gypsy legend Django Reinhardt, with a nod to Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington—swinging, melodic, dreamy, and full of surprises.